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Installing The ABC System is quite straight forward, so straight forward in fact that we urge home owners in Australia to consider saving a lot of money by doing it themselves.

The steel rail is fixed to a timber or steel frame, to a concrete or masonry structure, whatever might be the case; almost any substrate is suitable as long as it is straight and plumb. Sisalation, and perhaps timber or steel battens, would be applied before the steel rail is installed with a nailgun.

The brickwork is installed into the steel rail – very quick and easy.

In a very short time your job looks like this (left).... the facings and corners (and perhaps soldiers, sills, etc.) are in place and you are ready to apply the mortar.

Does anything look out of place? At this stage any brick facings or corners can be moved, or removed and replaced. You obviously can't do this with a standard brick wall!

There are several ways of applying the mortar, but for most people our ABC Mortar Gun is easiest and quickest. Once the mortar has gone off sufficiently it is tooled, exactly as a bricklayer would do it.

The finished job can't be distinguished from real brickwork, because that is exactly what it is! But it is brickwork that is 25mm thick, is bracing the frame rather than relying on it as standard full brick veneer does, has higher insulation qualities than brick veneer and weighs 45kg per square metre as against 220kgs/m².

This general information is provided in good faith but it does not constitute installation instructions.
If you are purchasing from us and are installing yourself, you will be able to download The ABC System Installation Guide and will have access to free installation support by phone or email.
We can organise, although of course at a cost, on-site training and assistance.
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