Frequently Asked Questions

What does The ABC System cost?
A simple answer is difficult to give. The cost of different brick types varies considerably, and we can manufacture The ABC System more efficiently, and more economically, from some brick types than others. So the brick choice is a major factor in the system price. But just as importantly, there is no standard square metre of The ABC System because of the way that the installed product is a combination of various components, unlike something like plasterboard for example which just comes in standard sheets.
Can I see samples of different bricks before I commit to buy?
Of course. We are happy to pack and send sample product anywhere in Australia via Australia Post. There is no charge for sample product, we just invoice the postage costs to you, generally around twenty dollars.
Is an adhesive required when bricking The ABC System?
No. The fin-tab of the steel rail engaged into the groove of the brick facing, together with the precise snug fit of the facing in the rail provides all the protection necessary against the facing falling out. One of the great advantages of The ABC System is the ability to move facings around, even replace them, before mortaring. Bricklayers can't do this, but the advantage is lost of course if the facings are glued in. We do recommend however that sills are fixed into position with some adhesive, to stop them moving when mortaring.
Is the mortar used with the ABC System the same as is used for standard masonry?
Essentially Yes. Some very minor differences in the mix, but it will end up looking exactly the same as the mortar in standard brickwork.
Is corbelling and quoining possible with the ABC System?
Yes. The standard thickness for the brickwork is 25mm, but corbel courses and corner quoins can be cut thicker, in the same brick as the rest of the job or in another brick type entirely.
Is a raked mortar joint possible with The ABC System?
Yes. We can manufacture the brickwork at a thickness suited to the depth of rake required.
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